Welcome to the Treasurer-Tax Collector Website.

Karen D. Adams, CPA
Treasurer-Tax Collector

As your elected Treasurer-Tax Collector, I am committed to the preservation of capital through safe investing of all monies collected and honored to be entrusted with tax collection. So as to better serve you, I welcome your comments and suggestions for improving our existing service. Thank you for the privilege to serve Merced County.

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The Treasurer’s office provides banking and investment services for all County departments and other pool participants. The safekeeping of these assets requires the receipt of all monies for deposit, maintenance of accurate records, cashflow projections to meet liquidity, and daily investing of monies in the fixed income portfolio. We invest these funds for maximum safety, liquidity and yield in order to preserve the capital investment while providing net added value through investment earnings.

Tax Collector

The Tax Collector’s office is responsible for the billing and collecting of all real and personal property taxes. These taxes are the assessments on secured, unsecured, supplemental, bulk transfer, and delinquent roll taxes. The department assists taxpayers, other departments, members of the public and business partners with timely and accurate information regarding local property taxation and programs.

View or Pay Your Taxes On-Line or by calling 877-737-4TAX (4829)

If you pay your taxes on-line or by phone, a convenience fee is charged in addition to the property tax amount paid. The credit card convenience fee is 2.25% of paid taxes. The debit card convenience fee is $3.49 per transaction. There will be no fee charged for e-checks. More information on Convenience Fees